Chronicles of The Peeping Tom -3-

Valencia, Spain, Summer 2008


We decided to head towards the beach. Victor was driving non-stop for more than 9 hours now so he really needed a break for safety reasons (I can’t drive).
We finally found a car park, near the ocean. After a quick observation we decided we would stop there. Families were coming back from a night bath so it made us feel comfortable. No psychs here for sure!
We folded the car seats to lie down. We thought: finally!! We couldn’t believe it. I wanted to see the ocean but I was too tired and lazy to go out of the car. I didn’t feel that adventurous either after our weird encounters. It occurred to me that we didn’t have any curtains to hide us from the outside world…which made me feel uneasy…

We were chilling out, chatting and smoking weed while waiting for the sandman. The families were gone now. The car park was empty and it seemed like we could finally relax without being seen.
But a few minutes later a car arrived and placed itself not far from us. What seemed to be a couple exited and headed towards the beach. I thought that was pretty casual. Though I remember noticing that there was a big difference between the vulgar flashy clothes of the woman and the sober classical style of the guy… Another car came and the same scenario followed. I don’t remember whose suggestion it was, but the certainty of it being a “prostitute-client” dynamic came upon us.
I thought we had found a nice shelter but to me the vibe became even grimmer. I was now imagining a sick beach, full of rubbish and cadavers. I suddenly felt we was in the midst of insanity. My previous contacts definitely contributed to it*.
Victor was too tired to feel anything about prostitutes. We were finishing our joint…

I have to say I used to think about prostitution being… I don’t know dirty? Like a scam to your body of some sort. I was always fascinated by it though at the same time finding prostitution a really gloomy thing. While it was safe and interesting in theory (books, films…) yet I used to feel uncomfortable to actually see the woman going with the “client”. Although I never thought prostitutes were dirty humans or more dirtier than me, I did think that having sex with so many people is like putting too much dirt on one’s body. I liked prostitutes as I liked every other human being and I treated them the same as everyone else, with respect. Still now. I just didn’t like what they are doing with their bodies. Might have been because of the residues I have from my religious education and because of the limited vision of sex my parents brought me in**.


Victor fell quickly asleep and I was gently cuddling his naked body when I heard something next to our car. The ground on which our vehicle was resting was made of some kind of sharp stones and it definitely sounded like someone was walking silently around us. I got scared and froze for some minutes while trying to hear more. After the longest 2 minutes of my life, I finally persuaded myself to have a look at what was going on. I looked through the window and saw nothing. Why is that? I realised the sound just stopped next to the car as soon as I looked up. No runaway sound. I was sure the stones that got stepped on were so close to the car, but I couldn’t see anything.
My paranoiac nature didn’t need more to get started: paranormal activity, psycho-killer etc. I calmed down and went back on trying to sleep while stroking sleepy Victor. I had kinda of convinced myself that the sound was coming from a non-human inoffensive real animal, even though my instincts and logic knew it must have been made by a human…or a really heavy animal.
A few minutes later, the same noise startled me again. I quickly sat up this time and I was upset because there was nothing to see. I knew something was weird. Curiosity won over fear and I became determined not to go to sleep until I solved this enigma. I thought I should get out of the car if I heard anything again.
Suddenly boom! The same noise on the stones. I was ready. I scanned the area through the window again and I don’t know why but I also had the brilliant idea to look down the side where I was sitting: I saw a big tall and bold man creeping around the vehicle on his knees! As soon as he realised I had seen him, he stood up instantly and trotted off in a really funny way. The stones must have been painful on his bare feet! I saw a better view of him whilst he was hopped away, like a maimed animal. I realised he didn’t have any trousers or pants on him; only a shirt and his bare genitals.
I then wise up pretty quickly about the situation and the fact that he—and the others before—were definitely perverts. I was still baffled by what had just happened. I couldn’t decide if I was scared or amused. I decided to laugh, waking up Victor who didn’t think it was funny at all. Since he was the only one naked we assumed the guy must have been masturbating on him mostly and I have to say I was pushy about the idea because it made me laugh so much!
As I grew up, the people around me  tended to think that men don’t usually get abused. Well, I had the proof that it was wrong of course, what was I thinking? Men abusing other men. I was laughing at it and at Victor for being so upset. I confess that the thought of me not being the target made me feel more relaxed about it. But now that I am writing this, I certainly must have been wrong about that. After all, I was bare legged…
Victor asked me to point out where the guy went. We watched that direction and we saw him! He was still there! He was standing a few meters away from us and he was looking at us. I was even more surprised. I thought why? That guy should be damn ashamed now that we had caught him in the act, we’ll surely never see him again! But no. He was standing there like a scarecrow, except his arms were down. Not moving at all and totally facing us. The lower part of his body was hidden by the little sand dune that was separating him from us. Victor went mad, started shouting and moving towards him. The guy stepped back a bit but kept facing us. I kinda of got scared it might turn into a fight or something so I calmed Victor down, laughing but nervously. He replied again that I should stop laughing and that we will now “get the fuck out of there!!”.

On the road again here we are! And I wasn’t laughing any more. It had been hours searching for a place to rest. Everywhere was forbidden or impossible to stop. Whilst searching, we wasted the petrol, tiredness was looming and the perverts got the best of us. Why do we always end up in the wrong place?? What is this night? I felt insecure and deeply frustrated because I didn’t know how to defend myself when it happened. I just got scared or upset and I felt forced to escape twice already.
Maybe I should have let Victor get more mad and punch the guy… But I doubt he would have. That last guy was so big as well! Way bigger and older than Victor. But surely this didn’t mean anything. Maybe we should have fought. Maybe not…

We definitely tried to forget about the masturbators, at least until the end of our holidays. Back home, I was delighted to tell the story to everyone though! All in one, we had our share of adventures and it’s kinda of a more entertaining story to tell than “we were happy, lying down in the sun all day, drinking mojitos…”



My lovely Zeb and Alice for helping me with the grammar, orthography and times.

Chronicles of The Peeping Tom -2-

Valencia, Spain, Summer 2008


I had told Victor about what had happened and it left us feeling strange and puzzled. This was the first time we were experiencing something like this so we weren’t sure what we should be thinking about it. Victor suggested that he just might have wanted some information, that he might have been lost or something. I replied that one asking for information wouldn’t look at the persons arse while she’s having a piss. One would wait. One who truly just wanted to ask something wouldn’t ask your name at first but maybe introduce oneself first. One would announce his presence by saying “hi” instead of sneaking from behind! I mean, my mind was also tempted to have doubts because of the lack of data—regarding the subject—in my information bank but those little details were too disturbing. My instinct was sounding the alarm for a threat and I believed it.

We sat in the car which the boot was converted in a space big enough for us to sleep in and we started to eat. We were finishing, when I suddenly saw a shadow moving next to the tree which was standing by the right side of the boot. I alerted Victor and we watched in the direction of the tree. We saw a man, standing behind it, half hidden. To me it looked like he was occasionally glancing at us so I notified it and I added that he wasn’t the guy from before. We needed to go outside to clean our dishes and dump our rubbish anyway so we would see what the fuck this guy wanted from us.
We were doing our thing while observing him and we deliberately looked at him in the eyes, with a slightly frowning face which signified: -What do you want? He moved away, slowly, and he disappeared. That left us even more puzzled. Uncertain of what had just happened, we prepared for bed and finally lied down.

After about 10 minutes, I heard the sound of human steps moving slowly next to the car. It wasn’t the type of sound someone makes when he is doing something on his own, at this time of the night, and it was right next to our car, not from the same tree. The sound was definitely directed onto us and I immediately lifted myself up to look through the window. I saw the same guy!! He was about one and a half meters away from our boot window, facing it, looking at us. I alerted Victor and we felt creeped out together. We froze instantly. Angrily, Victor got out of the car, the guy immediately started to walk in a casual way and he stopped at another tree. Still watching in our direction. We decided it wouldn’t be fun for us to stay here any longer.

We were driving away as I was still watching to see if the guy was there. I quickly caught a glimpse of more shadows next to other trees, in the same surroundings we were at a minute ago and it gave me a chill. I thought what the fuck?? Is it a congregation of creeps or what? Their HQ battalion? Soon the car had gone too far for me to see any more.
We couldn’t imagine what in hell these guys wanted from us. To rob us? To harm us? I had the image of myself getting raped by that latest tree guy, thinking of the previous one who had just seen my arse while I was pissing. Horrified by the thought, I dismissed it pretty fast. We were already exhausted from hours of driving and the late stress we just experienced didn’t help. We tried not to think about it and drove along the beach in the night, searching for a safe place for us to sleep.


The Chronicles of the Peeping Tom -1-

Valencia, Spain, Summer 2008


We had been driving for hours now, searching for a place to park the car and eat.
We found a camping site by the beach so we finally stopped by it. We went on a tour, hoping to find some more information. We then found campers who told us we could stay around because no one would pay attention.

On the way back to our spot, I said to Victor to go before me as I would piss first and then rejoin him. I chose a nice tree, I lifted my skirt and I bent my knees. I was listening to the nice spring sound I was making when I heard a “hello you all right” right behind me ! Where did the voice come from? In a flash I realised in which position the intruder was and what he would have seen unless he was blind. How long had he been watching my round white arse under the moonlight ?? I felt immediately outraged, inside me Artemis was raging, reminding me the prince of Thebes tragedy.
I stopped the yellow flow and pulled my nickers back up, trying to look up at his face while I was standing up. He started to casually talk to me and I thought how dare he ? I was shocked, scared and I decided to let him speak. I also realised that I was alone with him in the middle of the woods and that he wasn’t blind at all. His eyes were staring at me. He asked my name. I angrily answered: -why ? He saw I was ready to escape. My blood started to boil when he carried on asking for more. He was trying to come closer and I was moving sideways to keep him further. He asked if I could help him and I said no I am going! He insisted and stepped a bit more forward so I broke free and walked away from him. I could still feel his mouth dribbling and I shouted: -Leave me alone you freaking prick ! His eyes stalked me and he was smiling. As I was reaching the car I saw the darkness swallow him.


Peeping Tom

Beware Of the Peeping Tom

He comes to taste and test the girls, the women; the boys and the men

He sneaks
He walks past
He hides

He is on the beach
Behind the bushes and trees
Eyeing up His prey
He is the neighbour behind his window
Getting ready to shoot his bow

He pretends he’s relaxing, looking at the landscape but you KNOW he’s not
He pretends you’re parano and inventing things but you KNOW you’re not

If you don’t notice him I guess he doesn’t exist
You might stop reading now, to keep it like this

Some people know, and some people feel bad about it
Some others think it isn’t correct but they don’t say a word
And some people see Him, and some people catch Him with his hand on His dick
Some others feels really bad about it but they don’t do nothing

And so He can carry on
It’s all gravy for him to have you passive

Beware of the Great Dirty Wanker

He’ll check his phone and invade your zone
He’ll hold a towel and subtly slide his hand under it
His body will sweat with a growing fever

And he will caress his dick
He will whack it
Or just tap it slightly

He will even look at you in the eyes and smile while he’s at it

Don’t listen to your dad if he says you have to ignore it even though it makes you feel bad
Don’t listen to your mum if she says she’s used to it you don’t have to enjoy even if she does

He pretends he’s relaxing, looking at the landscape but you know he’s not
He pretends you’re parano and inventing things but you know you’re not



Are You Ready?

Are you Ready to Die on Sunday, Tomorrow, at any time?

Are you Ready to Fry Away?

Are you Ready to Hear No when You Focus on Yes?

Are you Ready to be Loved when You Know that it hurts?

Don’t be Surprised When the Storm is Coming

Instead of the Bright Shining Sun You Expected

That Same Sun might be so Hot that you would die if there was no Water around

Are you ready to Find whatever

When you keep Searching for?

Are You Ready to Lose at the Game You Play?

Are You Ready to Lose anything You Believe you have?

For Each Games We play We make Rules which We Forget

Often You won’t like what You Get

Sometimes You Have to Walk Without Shoes

Be Ready to Welcome your Nightmare Because it will Come to light

Whatever your Fears Are

They will come and Test you right

For Life never Stops and Evolution is calling you

For You Chose the Place You Are Now or At Least You Chose to Stay

So let’s Sing in the Rain

Let’s Dance in the Dirt

Let’s Play When Everything Sucks

Let’s Be Happy with No Worries

I Bet You Know that Song


Original Text And Drawing